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Hi there, Summer days is so easy, I just love these mornings waking up with suncats all over my room, I can lie still just observing before I even think about what I need to do ( which is a lot) but the anxiety over things, like what I did or not do is not present. I just live – this is the real life I want to live! Anyways Im working towards leaving this country thats for sure –…

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Hi there, I just want to flag for Olamide Culture European Tour starting in february 2018, if you are a fan of afrobeat you should’t miss it. Well even if you are not a huge fan I must say that Olamide definetely will make you fall in love with afrobeat music. It cant be compared to anything else, myself I have always been a fan of rnb music and hiphop, but unlike most american music in this genre, afrobeat music…

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Happy Sunday! Time flies and my little monkey is 2 years already and for his birthday he got his first bike – the sooner the better cause this little monkey has too much energy. This bike is a balance bike, the one without pedals. At first I didn’t really understand the purpose of a bike without pedals, but friends and random people I asked told me is the best for kids when learning how to bike, cause they learn balance…

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fall fashion textures outfit

  Hello November! Let’s keep it positive for the season of all textures and different materials you can immagine has arrived. Lots of faux fur out there, not only in black but in all different colours. I think fur and leather is the perfect combo in the winter season, it not only keeps you warm but looks really great together. There are also alot of different textures in the fabrics, a continuation of jacquard, boucle yarn and chenille. Even though…

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black lace trousers

Black lace trousers, a very useful piece in your wardrobe. Not only do they work well as an any occasion pant you can wear them underneeth a dress or tunic as well. Black is classy and sophisticated, you just cant go wrong. I bought my black lace trousers a couple of years ago, they were actually meant to be for my summer pregnancy but when the summer came my belly had gone too far and it couldnt size me anymore.…

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african wax print blouse

   African wax print, I came across this fabric many, many years ago, before it had turn into european fashion. I used to order my fabric from Vlisco online and what I learnt that time was that this fabric actually comes from Indonesia from the very beginning. Anyways I´m a fan of the pattern and colours and it´s fun to match. Many people might have the idea it’s still an alternative style but I think it has become a summer…

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