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red trousers outfit inspiration

As you must have noticed, red is rocking this autumn; shoes, hats, gloves, jackets, trousers – you name it. As long as it is red you will definitely make a statement. Nomatter who you are and nomatter your style, grab a red item and every sidewalk will be your own runway. As long as you are not a mad professor it will work.. We have reach October already and I’m in a bit chock when I think about how fast…

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sade oversized sweater

Hello everyone, another birthday has passed and I’m so thankful to have so many loving people around me. Even though it wasn’t a big birthday bash I felt very special – that a “girl” should right? 😉 The weather has been spectacular too – sunny and warm. Well, another year is added to my age, but still so much to discover – my new year is going to be awesome, thats for sure! Some years ago I designed a t-shirt…

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black lace trousers

Black lace trousers, a very useful piece in your wardrobe. Not only do they work well as an any occasion pant you can wear them underneeth a dress or tunic as well. Black is classy and sophisticated, you just cant go wrong. I bought my black lace trousers a couple of years ago, they were actually meant to be for my summer pregnancy but when the summer came my belly had gone too far and it couldnt size me anymore.…

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david bowie sweater

    David Bowie, our fashion forward icon through all times – I fell in love when I saw this sweater. My daughter had to have it, how I wish I could have seen one for myself. Schools have started and everything is getting back to routine, it feels nice and a bit sad to leave the summer behind. I now look forward to the colourful autumn and pray the sun want to show up. This autumn we will see…

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black friday

Nu Ă€r det dags för Black friday och Cyber monday igen och med det brukar man sĂ€ga att julhandeln officiellt Ă€r igĂ„ng. Men inte behöver man vĂ€nta pĂ„ startskottet för den svarta helgen. Det gĂ„r redan nu att fynda, iallafall online. Vissa butiker har redan förberett en kategori med alla Black Friday fynd, sĂ„ det gĂ„r att förbereda sig. Givetvis, om man inte vĂ„gar vĂ€nta gĂ„r vissa varor att fĂ„ till ett reducerat pris redan nu. Förutom Black Friday, vĂ€ntar…

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sweater kenzo

Att bo i en stad som mer eller mindre bestĂ„r av parker har mĂ„nga fördelar, och Ă€ven pĂ„ vintern Ă€r mĂ„nga vĂ€rda ett besök. En kall vinterdag som denna besökte vi palmhuset pĂ„ trĂ€dgĂ„rdsföreningen i centrala Göteborg. SĂ„ skönt att bara gĂ„ runt i ”djungeln” utan jacka. Min dotter sprang runt och fotade varenda palm och min son somnade i vagnen. Jag hade sĂ„ passande sĂ„klart min Kenzo X HM sweater. Hann klicka hem den samt en svart sidenblus med volangkrage…

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