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I love weekend and familytime. On saturday we went out for a vegan brunch. While me and my girl were enjoying it to the fullest unfortunatly little man didn´t want to eat anything at all, probably because of his teeth growing. To keep him busy with something and prevent him from making to much noise I gave him the lifeline- iphone and youtube..I know it’s the easy way out, and even though I think it’s amazing how he already knows…

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  Going back to school after a long summer holiday is mixed feelings. It’s not always easy to leave the summer behind and step into a new phase, at the same time it feels wonderful to meet all friends again and perhaps if starting a new school you will find new ones. A strong memory I have, a very good one, is the “school start shopping” – it simply meant new clothes, shoes and schoolbag.  So no wonders I just have…

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