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yellow jacket outfit

   Yellow is not so often among peoples first choice, mine either. Wearing a yellow jacket has a similar feeling as wearing a red lipstick. You think it looks great on any other person but yourself.. Well let me tell you better get use to it cause yellow is really fun to wear. Not just during easter..;) My favourite choice is yellow and black, like a queen bee, create a buzz and be the bees knees. I think it looks…

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Fashion ootd outfit Outfits Spring fashion Style


  Spring is patient. I’m not a huge fan of this season. Not winter and not yet spring we are just in transition. While nature has its time lapse, the stores are already in full bloom. Flower prints and embroidery is everywhere and so being the bomber jackets. I think it was a year ago, I was thinking the trend was going to end, but the bomber is hot steady. This day I’m wearing my jacquard flower bomber jacket…

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Fashion Jeans outfit Spring fashion Style

Oversized Sweater & Open sleeves

  The oversized sweater always comes handy. It´s a perfect for weekday slacking, wear it with your favourite jeans and sneakers or just wear it with nothing but stockings beneath and your killer heels. If the air is a bit cold like here in Scandinavia just wrap your neck up in a cosy scarf. The options are many when it comes to styling your oversized sweater outfit. My sweater is just plain cotton and it has open sleeves with ruffles and…

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valentines outfit

  Happy Valentines! Many of you probably had your love celebrations throughout the weekend and I hope you had a nice one! Pink is a very hot colour this spring and I put together a very sweet outfit to wear on  Valentines day dinner or at any other occasion. It’s simple and chic and allthough I’m not a huge fan of pink, this is absolutely something I could wear. Depending on what you wear pink with you can create more…

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black down jacket

Min mormor sa alltid att det var viktigt att sköta om sina kläder och skor. Hon lade märke till detaljer och var alltid väldigt noga med sin klädsel. Det kanske inte var råd man följde som barn, men måste säga att jag med åldern har insett värdet av ett hållbart tänk. Jag tar hand om mina saker med största omsorg och det lönar sig i längden. Min jacka har nu genomlevt några trendskiftningar och denna vinter är den återigen riktigt…

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Fall Fashion Fashion outfit Outfits Style


sweater kenzo

Att bo i en stad som mer eller mindre består av parker har många fördelar, och även på vintern är många värda ett besök. En kall vinterdag som denna besökte vi palmhuset på trädgårdsföreningen i centrala Göteborg. Så skönt att bara gå runt i ”djungeln” utan jacka. Min dotter sprang runt och fotade varenda palm och min son somnade i vagnen. Jag hade så passande såklart min Kenzo X HM sweater. Hann klicka hem den samt en svart sidenblus med volangkrage…

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Fall Fashion Fashion ootd outfit Style


fall pepejeans

Det verkar som november regnet har börjat och nu är det bara en tidsfråga innan alla gula löv fallit till marken. Denna perioden på året är väl inte den mest roliga och jag önskar att jag kunde vara mindre påverkad av vädret än vad jag är. Likt träden är jag levande och behöver sol för att grönska 😉 Jag måste ändå säga att jag är tacksam över att jag kan vara så spirituellt connectad med naturen och dess gång. Allt…

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Accessories Fall Fashion Fashion Style



Despite the fact that the backpack has become increasingly popular, I would probably still say that it is underestimated. Now if you still are going to carry things from home, the easiest and simplest way is to carry it on your back. Holdall bags are stylish but talk about a paralyzed arm and excusing yourself through the crowds. As opposed to large bags on the shoulder or arm, a backpack becomes one with you. Choose the right size backpack to…

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Fall Fashion Fashion Outfits Style


silver metal trend

We have seen metallics and silver for some time now, and even if the shine factor this autumn is dominated by velvet and silk fabrics there are still so many metallic pieces out there that will make you shine, even after dark;) What I like most about metallic, is the luxious look, it’s like a touch up to anything you are wearing, and it’s not only for a night out. Here is my favourite items (all from Zalando) I would go…

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