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Fall Fashion Jeans ootd Style



  When in Rome we do as the Romans do..Sunny September days continues, I really love the weekends I must say. The main reason because I can spend some quality time with my kids. The small one has my attention 24/7 which is..wonderful I guess 😉 but hanging out and do fun things together, without homework, work and the must-do routines is luxury. Apart from these moments I dont need much; just a simple walk, catching some sun, a coffee and…

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Fall Fashion Jeans ootd outfit Style


diesel tshirt

I love September! It’s not yet autumn and some days is still like summer. I try to spend as much time outside as possible, and September is really a good season for that. If I didn’t have my 10 month old baby with me all the time I would most definitely go hiking for some mushrooms in the forest. But strolling in town and sit down somewhere for a coffee watching people is fun and inspiring too. There might even be…

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Jeans ootd outfit Style


blue jeans

In those a second skin. Ripped, distressed,washed and worn to the maximum and always wanted- it´s kind of typical with jeans and studs together, but I can’t help loving the combination of black, leather, studs and ofcourse ripped jeans. To add some sweet to the salt, metaphorical speaking, I wear a chiffon bow tie blouse. The coated jeans jacket has been with me for some time, fact is, I have a love-hate relationship with it, but a windy summerday…

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