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Fall Fashion Jeans outfit Style


check blazer street style

Hello there, happy friday! Ok so I am one of all the check blazers out there, and I decided to do it the street style way, its the most comfy style for me. Jeans, t-shirt and a blazer goes hand in hand, not to dressy but unlimited ways to get creative, and to mix and match. I want to see a colour splash among the grey scales, like we all want the sun to shine through the clouds sort of…

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Accessories Fashion Family Kids Fashion outfit


Happy Sunday! Time flies and my little monkey is 2 years already and for his birthday he got his first bike – the sooner the better cause this little monkey has too much energy. This bike is a balance bike, the one without pedals. At first I didn’t really understand the purpose of a bike without pedals, but friends and random people I asked told me is the best for kids when learning how to bike, cause they learn balance…

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Fall Fashion ootd outfit Outfits Style


wild west style outfit

  This fall is all about the wild west, since last fall we have seen the buckle ankle boots and now the trend seem to have hit us with full horse power. Boots, hats, fringes and wild west patterns. Yihaaa! Well noone is happier than me, even if I always been a supporter of the native people I do love the fashion inspiration. The sunny and warm autumn days is coming to an end, and here in scandinavia we are…

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Fall Fashion ootd outfit Scandi fashion Style


flower dress mally

  I love fridays..yeah not alone dong that but sunny october fridays like today is the best. I love the crispy air in the morning and the presence of Sun almighty. Sunny Autumn days is perfect for wearing dresses, I just love to extend the summer for as long as possible. Even though the colours are more mute and the layers of clothing might be increasing, flowers is still hot, for some reason I think it´s in the autumn I…

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Fall Fashion ootd outfit Style


red trousers outfit inspiration

As you must have noticed, red is rocking this autumn; shoes, hats, gloves, jackets, trousers – you name it. As long as it is red you will definitely make a statement. Nomatter who you are and nomatter your style, grab a red item and every sidewalk will be your own runway. As long as you are not a mad professor it will work.. We have reach October already and I’m in a bit chock when I think about how fast…

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DIY Fall Fashion ootd outfit Style


sade oversized sweater

Hello everyone, another birthday has passed and I’m so thankful to have so many loving people around me. Even though it wasn’t a big birthday bash I felt very special – that a “girl” should right? 😉 The weather has been spectacular too – sunny and warm. Well, another year is added to my age, but still so much to discover – my new year is going to be awesome, thats for sure! Some years ago I designed a t-shirt…

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