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leather panel contrasting details

 To say I’m childish is an understatement – I am a child, a grown up child.. But I wouldn’t want to change for a second, I’m just happy and freespirited, and I tend to keep it that way. As my mood always seem to be reflected in my dressing you can see that I probably alone choosing this kind of bag- what is that?? Well I saw it and it spoke to me, the spaceship alien plexi embedded island thingy…

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oversized organza shirt

Hope you had a nice Easter with lots of sweets, eggs and food 😉 Myself I started the weekend together with my family and relatives. My best friend came along too, so it was a full house, lots of love and laughters. On sunday I went to my favourite city in the world; BARCELONA!  It was my home for some years back in 2003 and ever since I have been returning a couple of times a year. I love that…

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bow tie blouse outfit

The winter in Scandinavia is too long, it starts in november and ends in april so by now we are only half way through..With so many months of cold and darkness it´s nice to break the rules of traditional black and grey tones and add som bright colours to your outfit. It´s a substitute for the sun that we miss so much 😉 I’m wearing a lime coloured silk bluse with ruffles and a bow tie, a bargain from the…

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ootd outfit Scandi fashion Style Winter Fashion


January is almost over, time pass so quickly. My monkeybear has now started daycare and it´s time for me to do me ;) I'm excited about new projects and hopefully some new collaborations. Taking a look into my closet with new eyes, I found my zip skirt from Tiger of Sweden and my check crossover blouse. Plaid,check and even houndstooth is trending now, and without spending …

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sweater outfit

I feel like Robin Hood. Feather felt hat and laced up pumps, only my bow is missing 😉 This is the first post of the year and I hope there will be many more during 2017. I hope you had a fabulous new year and that this year will be prosperous as well. With no more holiday celebrations in sight it’s just to embrace the winter and dress warm. You can no longer step outside without getting bit by the…

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Accessories ootd outfit Scandi fashion Style Winter Fashion


winter sneakers

Stormen är över, och med det menar jag givetvis hela julhelgen och firandet. 😉 Kan nog ändå tycka att det hela är över alldeles för fort men detta året tog vi det väldigt lungt, och flyttade inte på oss förrän annandagen. Det var supermysigt och barnen var jätteglada och nöjda. Mellandagsrean är i full gång och har givetvis hunnit med att fynda, denna gång ett par vinter sneakers från Converse. Jag älskar Converse, de är klassiska och passar till allt och…

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