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A dress is not just another dress, nothing compares to the shirt dress. It is the most comfy piece I have right now. You know those days when you just feel like staying home in your track suit? Bring out the shirt dress! Or those days you going for a child’s birthday bash? Bring out the shirt dress! Or those days you just want to wear a dress? Bring out the shirt dress! Well I guess you get the point,…

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brown leather skirt

August is coming to an end, for us living up north it means shorter and colder evenings, yet, there are many weeks left to enjoy late afternoons and evenings outside. Even though holiday is over, the summer isn’t! To dress casual and formal at the same time is perfect for closing from work and going direct for fun. The pencil skirt is my favourite item. I don’t regard it as formal office wear- I wear it at anytime. The impression…

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One word to describe the scandinavian summer is “unpredictable”, at least when you talk about the weather. But Scandinavia so much more than that. Apart from a continent that is stunning beautiful, there is a distinct look and feel to “scandi” design. This lovely day I’m wearing a authentic suede top from Modström and I love it,( if you are from a country where you have something called “summer jacket” you understand why) it’s perfect for moderate temperatures. I have…

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Black and white has always been my favourite mix, like yin and yan it creates a beautiful balance. I´m a bit obsessed with contrasts, ​not only with colours, but with everything in fashion.​ Here I´m wearing silk with leather, and high heels but a sporty version. This summer has been all about stripes, thick or thin, vertical or horisontal, it doesn´t matter, you can´t get enough of them. ​The bag is one of my favourite pieces, a metal mesh leather…

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