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pleated patent leather skirt

Hello, The first month of the this magical year has almost come to an end, and it has been a good start. More good things will happend and I dont hope for anything – I’m expectant 😉 The only thing I dont expect is a sudden change of the season..But as usual cold wont stop me from doing what I love.  I’m a fan of patent leather and actually the benefits of the material are many. Number one is; no…

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striped blouse outfit

    Hello there, its been a while since my last post. Something very restless and anxious about November, I think its the dark that affect me. But here we are, finally its December and we have all reasons to be cheerful and happy and offcourse many reasons to drink glögg.. December is the festive month and if we are lucky, the weather will allow us to dress up and step outside the casuality for a while. My own comfortzone is…

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pale pink blouse

WINTER THOUGHTS Today I think I reached my bar of how much grey and cold winter I can take..I want to travel to a warm exotic place now! We need the sun, me and my kids and I´m sure the sun needs us too 😉 I must say that beeing a scandiblogger is not always an amusing task, at least not when you are operating inside scandinavia during winter. There are two main factors against the work of it all:…

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bow tie blouse outfit

The winter in Scandinavia is too long, it starts in november and ends in april so by now we are only half way through..With so many months of cold and darkness it´s nice to break the rules of traditional black and grey tones and add som bright colours to your outfit. It´s a substitute for the sun that we miss so much 😉 I’m wearing a lime coloured silk bluse with ruffles and a bow tie, a bargain from the…

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January is almost over, time pass so quickly. My monkeybear has now started daycare and it´s time for me to do me ;) I'm excited about new projects and hopefully some new collaborations. Taking a look into my closet with new eyes, I found my zip skirt from Tiger of Sweden and my check crossover blouse. Plaid,check and even houndstooth is trending now, and without spending …

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