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fringe knitted
fringed sweater
bag max&co
fringe knitted top
outfit boho


When in Rome we do as the Romans do..Sunny September days continues, I really love the weekends I must say. The main reason because I can spend some quality time with my kids. The small one has my attention 24/7 which is..wonderful I guess đŸ˜‰Â but hanging out and do fun things together, without homework, work and the must-do routines is luxury. Apart from these moments I dont need much; just a simple walk, catching some sun, a coffee and a treat along the way.

The urge for more muted colours is getting stronger as we are slowly stepping into the autumn and so is the urge for knitwear. ​Cardigans, capes and pullovers, they are warm, cosy  and allow you to leave the jacket behind for a little while longer. This beautiful day we took a stroll in Haga, I was probably the only one in heels on these streets this day but all fringed up and torn jeans -what can be more boho chic than that? The top has been with me a long time, I’ve been so close to throw it away, but the fringes makes it alive in a funny way -it has a life and a story đŸ˜‰ The bag is my new baby, it has a retro kind of touch and the colours make it adaptable to the most outfits.

Top SIMILAR :: Jeans SIMILAR :: Bag MAX & CO (sold out) SIMILAR :: Sunglasses  SIMILAR

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