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open shoulder blouse

    Finally school has come to an end and the well earned summer break has started! The year was a success and I’ve seen alot of improvement since my daughter started english school. This very last day of the semester was a great success to apart from the rain and the broken glass at the restaurant – caused by little man ofcourse. My daughter choosed her own outfit ofcourse ( I don’t have much to say these days) and…

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Fashion Family ootd outfit Style summer fashion


bow poplin blouse outfit

   Me and my kids made a trip to Greek island Zakynthos, together with my friend and her kids. We had an amazing time and even though I cant say it was very relaxing ( it’s impossible with two toddlers) every single minute was well spent. We rented a car and made our way round the island, and after the car running out of petrol we finally made it to this beautiful spot. One side totally covered by these flowers…

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kids fashion white zip tee

First of May playday! We had so much fun this weekend me and my kids. The sun was shining and we were just in th moment. One of my best friends, also happend to be my hairdresser (always making sure my hairstyle is dope 😉 invited us for a nice asian style pulled beef dinner. And we were sitting outside all day! I recently found some new summer clothes for my little man. When it comes to kids fashion, it’s…

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Fashion Family Kids Fashion ootd Outfits Style


I love weekend and familytime. On saturday we went out for a vegan brunch. While me and my girl were enjoying it to the fullest unfortunatly little man didn´t want to eat anything at all, probably because of his teeth growing. To keep him busy with something and prevent him from making to much noise I gave him the lifeline- iphone and youtube..I know it’s the easy way out, and even though I think it’s amazing how he already knows…

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bomber jacket outfit

  Going back to school after a long summer holiday is mixed feelings. It’s not always easy to leave the summer behind and step into a new phase, at the same time it feels wonderful to meet all friends again and perhaps if starting a new school you will find new ones. A strong memory I have, a very good one, is the “school start shopping” – it simply meant new clothes, shoes and schoolbag.  So no wonders I just have…

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