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Hi there, Summer days is so easy, I just love these mornings waking up with suncats all over my room, I can lie still just observing before I even think about what I need to do ( which is a lot) but the anxiety over things, like what I did or not do is not present. I just live – this is the real life I want to live! Anyways Im working towards leaving this country thats for sure –…

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summer maxi dress

Happy monday, My little sunshine is out of control, if anyone else is struggling with a two year old boy, please let me know I’m not alone..im about to have a nervous breakdown..I know part of it is his way of playing and I guess he will mature right?? Anyways sunshine is dress time and actually it is not too often you got to wear those beauties so I must take the chance. I love the combination maxi dresses and…

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styletip sporty sophisticated outfit

Hello there, The Summer celebrations is full on and sometimes I find it hard to maintain my focus. It is funny but it almost seems like the harder I try the more events come in between. Anyways I want to talk about the essence of fabrics which I believe is the key for the sophisticated look. In most cases I believe the composition of the clothing fabric is more important than the brand. I love to dress relaxed and comfortable…

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bralet summer outfit

Hello there, I frekin love summer! And I love to dress how I want to without any regards to body or age 😉 My promise to myself was to be able to wear a bralet when summer arrived and I was very true to myself. Im very reluctant to saying goodbye to cropped tops and slim fit clothes and when I do say goodbye it will not be because of age, it will be because of how I feel. However…

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glossy cropped jacket

Hi there, This weekend it was swedish song contest mello on tv and like me one of the contestants wore this kind of glossy cropped jacket. As usual I seem to be more drawn to the masculine taste of style, but hey I guess thats what makes me stand out. Two words to describe my dressing would probably be different and clean. If you see me wearing the latest trend, I will set my own twist on it and my…

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Hello, The first month of the this magical year has almost come to an end, and it has been a good start. More good things will happend and I dont hope for anything – I’m expectant 😉 The only thing I dont expect is a sudden change of the season..But as usual cold wont stop me from doing what I love.  I’m a fan of patent leather and actually the benefits of the material are many. Number one is; no…

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