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styletip paperbag trousers bodies

Why I think think Bodies & Paperbag trousers are a perfect match? Well number one reason is the trousers, just imagine you want to thigh a rope around the paperbag with too many things inside, the paperbag will look more like a ball then a bag..ok so what I actually mean is the design of the trousers is made for the top to be tucked inside, so the actual paperbag waistline is showing. And how will that look if you…

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Outfits Style Styletips


BREAK IT OFF! I keep on wondering when the summer will step in..while it is driving me slightly mad I’m going to talk a little about breaking it off when it comes to your outfit. This is how we do it..its friday night and I feel alright.. if you are an O.G. mack or a wannabe player.. Oops went astray again. Well as you may know already, when it comes to style, I just love contrasts, it can be colours,…

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Outfits Scandi fashion Style


trench coat maniia

April is ending and so far we have only had a few days of temperature above 10 degrees..this is what you call a slow death. Anyways I have something like a trenchcoat mania going on and I try to use them as much as possible, cause when the weather change here in scandinavia we kind of go from the winterjacket to no jacket at all. And who can be better at jacket and coat designs than the jacket and coat…

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Outfits Style Styletips


Hi there, In the process of changing some things with my posting on this blog, I want to be sharing more of my thoughts around styling and “how to’s”. To be reporting about trends would be a little contradictive to who I am as I never seen myself as a person that follow trends. I believe in the individual and your own personal style, which is all about mixing and matching what you have at hand. Even if you buy…

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Fashion Family Kids Fashion Style


spring sunday sneakers

Last sunday the spring seem to have found its way here, all the way to our cold latitude. Spring always means new sneakers for my smallies, they grow so fast so it is a necessity. Little man is wearing his new red Vans for the first time, actually it was purchased earlier in 2017, but that time it was way too big, but that is what happend when you send your hubbie to do the shopping ;). It still doesnt…

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ootd Spring fashion Style


spring trench report

Ok, the spring should officially be here but I don’t really know what is happening. The sun is out but it is still freezing cold. However I dont want to wait one more day – its high time for the spring trench report. This spring and summer it is all about the khaki, beige and brown trenchcoats but no problem to sneak a bright colour trench in to all that. Yellow, red, pink or cobolt blue, like the one I’m…

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