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Despite the fact that the backpack has become increasingly popular, I would probably still say that it is underestimated. Now if you still are going to carry things from home, the easiest and simplest way is to carry it on your back. Holdall bags are stylish but talk about a paralyzed arm and excusing yourself through the crowds. As opposed to large bags on the shoulder or arm, a backpack becomes one with you. Choose the right size backpack to get you anything you need through the day, from the laptop to the training clothes. The clever thing with backpacks is that they are versatile – if one feels like it, carry it on one shoulder and it becomes like a “regular” bag. Most backpacks also has a handle at the top that allows you to carry it in your hand. There are really stylish backpacks in all sorts of formats and sizes in stores and online. Here are my top five that I should have had in my fall wardrobe.

Backpack in real suede ASOS :: Lasercut Backpack ASOS :: Black Backpack LOVE MOSCHINO :: Black Fabric Backpack Kånken FJÄLLRÄVEN :: Leather BackpackJULIAN

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