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The winter in scandinavia is so looong, as I’m writing this its snowing outside, which on the otjer handis great. Rather cold and snow than cold and rainy. Well the season is long and it gives plenty of time to wear knitted garments. A knitted sweater can sometimes feel dull, but trust me there are so many different designs and details that can cheer up your winter outfit. I’m not sure I’m statuing the best exemple of cheerful here, like the most swedes I feel this is a difficult season to live through 😉 Here I’m wearing a light grey knitted sweater with large ruffles that gives it a cute statement. On this windy day it is blowing from left and right and makes the sweater more lively than myself. I have paired with leather trousers, my faux fur and a pair of sneakers and to touch it up with some colours a snake bag from FURLA. As you can see there are many different textures here but lets not spare on the details.

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